Henley On Thames News | We Nearly Died From Gas Fumes At Villa

But after another nights sleep, they again woke up feeling nauseous and dizzy. Mr Blanche felt especially bad and was barely able to stand so his partner dragged him outside. Shortly after laying him down, she vomited then collapsed and briefly passed out. Miss French, an ecological consultant, said: I had this sensation of blood pumping loudly in my ears. I suddenly felt dreadful; dizzy, nauseous and unable to move, at which point I started to panic, stumbling and shouting. That was the point where it dawned on me that something was seriously wrong. Wed just thought it was a normal headache but then we started to get very confused and didnt really know what was going on. After some time outside, the pair began to improve. They again called the owners, who denied there was anything wrong at the property but offered them a room at a hotel which they owned.
For the original version of this article including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.henleystandard.co.uk/news/news.php?id=1476143


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