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Jeremy Pickard observed that the $140,000 cut they approved still left a $483,000 overrun. Ziegler said that that amount had already been reduced and they would continue to pursue other reductions. By bidding the $10.6 million project in smaller packages, Ziegler said, smaller contractors would be able to bid, which means more competitive bidding. He also noted that when Fairfield rebidded its building project because of too high of bids, they came in $1 million lower the second time. The other projects and their estimated cost for the bond issue include installing air conditioning for the entire Washington Township Elementary building $200,000; construction an additional preschool classroom and renovating the existing preschool classroom at the Kalona Elementary School $1.1 million; constructing two additional kindergarten classrooms and renovating existing kindergarten classrooms for special education classroom at the Wellman Elementary School $900,000; relocating the main office to existing art classroom, constructing an addition for the new art classroom and Family Consumer Science lab; renovating the existing Family and Consumer Science lab for the special education classroom at the High School $1.7 million; an alternative learning center and central administration offices as new construction $2.1 million; and bonding costs and attorney fees $240,000. Fehr and Ziegler observed that the overrun at the Middle School was mainly attributed to the major HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), which would not be as major a factor at the other school buildings. Board Vice President George Schaefer took over the meeting after Hussey had to leave, where he had a mildly contentious discussion with parents of Wellman elementary students. It dealt with bus pickup spots around the town.
For the original version of the article including any supplementary images or video, visit http://m.kalonanews.com/articles/2014/10/30/news/doc54510d28e41ce031739439.txt


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