A Most Violent Year Is A Most Extraordinary Film – Yahoo News

An assistant district attorney (David Oyelowo) informs Abel that hes poised to hand down corruption indictments on the company. Abels drivers want to arm themselves for protection; Anna wants to go to her mafia family for help. But Abel resists, insisting on doing things the right way. The only thing he values more than his success is his integrity. I spent my whole life trying not to be a gangster, he explains to Anna. Oscar Isaac has been extremely good in previous rolesfor instance, as a likable ex-con in Drive and as an unlikable folk singer in Inside Llewyn Davis but he is an utter revelation as Abel, the quiet power of his performance recalling early Pacino. (Indeed, the movie itself in many ways resembles a smaller-scale The Godfather Part II, and there are echoes, too, of Sidney Lumets 1970s oeuvre.) Fastidious in appearance and precise in diction, Isaacs Abel is a portrait of a man obsessed with maintaining control, both of himself and of his surroundings. The intensity of his gaze is a particular marvel. A scene in which he tells some newly promoted customer representatives that, when dealing with clients, they should hold eye contact a second longer than is comfortable seems less a lesson in sales than in acting.
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